Terms and conditions

Reschedule/Cancellation:  You can cancel or reschedule your reading at any time.  Please keep in mind when you reschedule your appointment, it may change the date of your original appointment.  

My schedule:

My schedule is as follows:  I record Monday-Friday ONLY!  Saturday is by appointment only.  Closed Sundays and holidays.

Ways to contact me:

text:  (713) 322-6812

email:  jenniferweaver304@gmail.com

Thank you!!!

Disclaimer:  Predictions are given based on the energies at the time of the reading, using my intuition, knowledge, and the energies from the cards.  We have free will and energy can shift at any time.  Your actions and decision making skills can change the outcome of your reading.  

**  All readings are final.  I have a no refund policy.

Sometimes, life happens.  Should there be an unforeseeable life event, There could be a delay in the delivery of your reading.