Water and Fire Tarot was amazing! My reading was so on point, heartfelt & Phenomenal! Jennifer was able to read my relationship issues to give me clarity on what’s really going on. Loved it!💕

Terri Oliver

Hi Jennifer,  just want to tell you that you are right on With Virgo love life in December 2018 and January  2019.  Glad that i stumbled across you on YouTube 

What an amazing gift you have.

Thank you so much.


Jennifer is an intuitive reader who listens to higher guidance with honesty, truth and humor, even though difficult questions.  She offers counsel and clarity without judgement.  Her supportive energy offers nurturing wisdom and direction.  I’m really grateful for the positivity Jennifer puts out there in the world! Thank you Jennifer for the clarity given in my romantic situation.  Your guidance helped me make positive decisions now and in the future!

Jennifer Hendrickson

I contacted water and fire tarot for clarification within my life and she offered nothing but the most insightful, useful and honest advice I could have been given at that time. My situations unfolded exactly as she predicted they would and having the heads up from beforehand made processing the upcoming events much easier. Her sense of reading is entertaining, creative and fun. 

Vicky Duffy